Product Update - Google Workspace Integration

Product Update - Google Workspace Integration

Product Update - Google Workspace Integration

At Customer City, the integration of sales and marketing workflows is at the epicenter of our Rev-ops strategy.

A significant part of this strategy involves seamlessly centralizing sales engagement conversations and customer data together in one single place.

That’s why we are super excited to announce that our newest product feature for pre-sales automation, The Google Workspace Integration is ready to use!

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Google Workspace Integration Overview

This feature offers Sales reps the opportunity to:

  • Perform Bi-directional email sync -  Log and track all email touchpoint activities happening within or natively in your Gmail account, at one single place under the Contact & Account history section. 
  • Gain access to templates -  You can save time by leveraging pre-built templates and customizing your templates for faster and more effective email campaigning. 
  • Build & monitor automated sales sequences - You can ensure active follow-ups and contact with your audience with this new feature.
  • And Lots more… Get access to your Single source of truth for your customer data and additional touchpoints such as meetings, tasks, calendar events, and more all-in-one single place.

Connecting with Gmail - is easy peasy!

You can connect your Gmail account from the integration panel or directly in the contacts section:

To access your email settings and connect to your Gmail account, here is a list of steps to follow: 

  • Navigate to the integration center and select your preferred email provider.
  • Select Gmail and click connect
  • Link Customer City with your preferred Gmail account - You will be given the option to select the Gmail account you would like to connect to.
  • Allow Customer City access to the Gmail account.
  • That’s it …You’re all set up and good to go!  🚀 

You can go ahead and start writing those personalized emails, automating tasks, and tracking your engagements all within your Customer City Interface.


With this easy-to-implement feature, the benefits are endless. 

Gain assistance in properly attributing your marketing/ sales qualified prospects, centralizing your email marketing, and getting one step closer to achieving a true 360 view of your Customer.


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